Happy New Year!: 2014 Education Reform in Review (your champagne break)

I speak from experience: there are some “teachers” at BASIS charter schools who have no clue how to teach, and some of the ones I met did not want to learn. Charters take funding away from public schools in the neediest districts. We do have the power to change this; spread the word.

ACLU sues Delaware over segregated charter schools

The ACLU has sued the state of Delaware for permitting segregated charter schools.

“As detailed in Part IV of this complaint, Delaware’s expansion of charter schools has led to segregated charter schools for students of color, students from low income families, and students with disabilities. Specifically, more than three-quarters of the state’s charter schools are racially identifiable.11 High-performing charter schools are almost entirely racially identifiable as White. In addition, low income students and students with disabilities (to the extent that students with disabilities are served by charter schools) are disproportionately relegated to failing charter schools and charter schools that are racially identifiable as African-American or Hispanic. Relatedly, the proliferation of charter schools has been accompanied by increased segregation in public schools located in districts where charter schools operate.”

This is plain and simple: open-enrollment charters are not only diluting public funding, diverting much-needed funds from public schools, but they are purposely keeping the higher-ranked students to boost their test stats.

View the court ruling here: https://greatschoolwars.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/final-compl-re-de-charters-signed.pdf